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Ornamental Grasses
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Ornamental Grass Facts Ornamental Grass Links
  • Low maintenance once established
  • Flower spikes excellent for drying
  • Available in a wide array of colors, shapes, textures and sizes
  • Can add dramatic winter interest
  • Excellent container plants

Grasses have been part of the natural landscape forever, and many will grow in places that other plants won't survive. They also come very close to being maintenance free. In addition to their easy-care nature, ornamental grasses are some of the most attractive landscape plants available. They come in a huge variety of sizes, colors and textures; and the seed heads often add a spectacular show after the growing season is over.

There is an ornamental grass to suit almost every landscaping need, so don't hesitate to add a few to your garden but please make sure that the grasses you purchase are suited to your climate and hardiness zone! If the one you like isn't hardy in your area, there is often a similar substitute that will be.

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