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Perennial Facts Perennials Links
  • Plants live for 2 or more years
  • Provide color for every season
  • Low maintenace gardening
  • A shape and size to suit every garden

Perennials are still one of the best investments in gardening. Not only do they provide beauty and pleasure year after year but they are relatively low maintenance; can be split and shared with friends and they come in all colours, shapes, sizes and textures for every location in the garden.

They also make excellent container plants. Perennials make it easy to turn your patio or balcony into a sanctuary of living colour.

Unlike annuals (which live for only one growing season), or biennials (which live for only two growing seasons), perennials return year after year.

Perennials are lower maintenance and more tolerant than other types of plants. And because they grow over time, perennials offer constant surprises – spilling over walls, peeking out from behind other plants, and bursting into riots of color.

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