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Scented Geraniums
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Scented Geranium Facts Scented Geranium Links
  • Have a long history of medicinal uses
  • Valued for their remarkable fragrances
  • Can be used to flavor jellies, cakes, ice cream, and other dishes
  • Drought and heat tolerant

These bright, carefree flowering plants have long been called the wrong name by botanists who lumped them with a similar-looking plant group called geranium, but the correct name is pelargonium.

The pelargoniums known as 'Scented Geraniums' are tender perennials and occur naturally almost entirely within South Africa. They are succulent perennial shrubs in their native habitats.

Some grow erect while others have a trailing habit. The leaves come in numerous shapes and sizes, as well as variegated varieties, crinkly textures and astounding scents. Almond, coconut, nutmeg, strawberry...are just a few. Many are used in the perfume industry as scents of mint, citrus or rose can be extracted from the leaves.

The Citrosa geranium, also known as the mosquito plant, has a strong citronella scent and will repel mosquitoes when the leaves are crushed or rubbed on the skin.

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