V I S U A L - S O F T W A R E

How the URMS Registry works.



The registry functions on a membership basis.

To access the registry you first need to do the following :

        • Step 1 : Register your userid, password and email address.
        • Step 2 : Activate your account/membership by :
          • logging in with your temporary password which is emailed to you
          • registering your profile
        • Step 3 : Log in with your normal password and userid


The following general guidelines briefly describe how the registry operates :

        • user registration
        • user account activation
        • user login
        • registering a user profile
        • edit your profile
        • change your email
        • change your password

User Registration :

To access the registry a user must register and provide a

  • UserID - which may contain a mixture of 3 to 15 lowercase alphanumeric characters. No symbols are allowed.
  • Password - which may contain a mixture of 6 to 12 lowercase alphanumeric characters. No symbols are allowed.
  • Email Address - which must be valid and will be used for all notifications and confirmations.

On registration a temporary password will be emailed to the email address provided for account activation purposes which must be completed in order to gain initial access to the registry.

There are 2 kinds of registration :

        • Personal - for individuals
        • Coporate - for companies and businesses

The registration type cannot be altered once the registration procedure has been completed.

The registrant will automatically be set as the Owner of any domains registered while logged in under the registrant's Userid.

User Account Activation :

On registering you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to which you must respond in order to activate your user account. To complete the activation procedure, you will need to create your user profile.

Use your TEMPORARY password in the email to activate your user account.

If you do not activate your user account, you will not be able to access any registry functions.

A profile is assigned 1 of 3 status levels :

        • inactive : this is assigned when a user registers
        • active : this is assigned when the user creates a user profile
        • deactivated : this is assigned by the registry and used an an administrative tool

Inactive and deactivated profiles will be removed from the register on a regular basis.

User Login :

Once you have activated your user account, you will be able to log in and have access to all the registry functions using your password and userid.

When you log in you will be taken to the registry main menu.

All options are accessible from the menu.

You can return to the menu at any time by clicking the MENU link below the registry logo.

Registering a User Profile :

During the account activation process, you will be required to register your user profile.

On completing the profile registration, your user account will be activated.

Editing your Profile :

  • From the menu click on View my Profile.
  • Your Profile details will be displayed with an Edit link.
  • Click on the Edit link.

N.B. if you do not make any changes but click on the update link, you will receive an error message.




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